Every puppy deserves



Join our club and send
them off with suitable cover
against illness and injury.

Welcome to the Buddies Breeder Club

‘Our experience as responsible breeders dealing with Buddies was excellent. Superb communication from genuine & caring people offering reassurance that our puppies would be safe in their ventures into the big wide world!’

Debbie Howe, September 2020

We’ve created a One Month FREE pet insurance policy to help both breeders and forever owners.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You activate the forever owners policy online or by calling our breeder team.
  2. When a forever owner collects their new puppy, you give them a voucher for the policy so their puppy is immediately covered by one month’s FREE insurance.
  3. Soon after, we contact the owner to explain how the policy works and tell them about our full cover policies. We follow up every owner you register.
  4. If they go on to buy a full Buddies policy, you get a £25 reward.